hello, world!

4 weeks in the UK and I'm still a bit overwhelmed about everything that's happening. So this is what it's like being "married". Don't get me wrong, I would strongly recommend marriage. I just realized that it's hard work as well as pure fun. I feel like I've grown up the past weeks. I'm actually taking on adult tasks! Hahaha.

I have learned that caring for someone is really...what's the word? a BLESSING? an ACT OF LOVE? I can't find the right description but basically, caring for someone makes me feel closer to God.

I miss Manila and I miss my family and friends. But I know that God has big plans for me and sweetcorn. We're both excited!

I haven't blogged much because I've been busy fixing up our place. Just to give you a sneak preview, here are some before and after shots:





I'm putting the finishing touches then we're ready for that housewarming! Like what I said, marriage is hard work! ;)

Got to go! I'll be checking in again soon with stories of our UK adventure!


anami said...

Ercs! housewife na housewife na hehe. until when will you be in london?

disa said...
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