off to a great adventure!

In the spirit of Ate Shawie's latest movie, I packed my bags, and now I'm here in London.

I got my visa last May 30 then I was off to London last June 3! I'm sorry if I didn't get to say goodbye to you, my dear friends. As it turns out, this will be a short trip for me. I'll be back in basically, I'm just taking a vacation.

God answered our prayers. I just wanted to spend my birthday with Sweetcorn. Thank you for small miracles.

Now life begins! =)

P.S. my globe number's on roaming so I'll expect birthday greetings =)


Anonymous said...

Erica! Welcome to Europe! Hehe. Let me know if you guys are still planning to visit Switzerland and if so, we should definitely meet! I will leave for the Phils on July 4 but I will be back on the 19th. Kaya lang, maglilipat kami on July 1 so most probably dami ko kailangan pang i un-pack when I get back and I would have to catch up at work. For sure by August we should find time. So just let me know, okies? You can stay at our place if you would like to visit Neuch√Ętel :)

Bonggamom said...

Congrats and good luck! Are you going back to Manila in Nov for good or just for a vist, then going back to London?