showers and christmas

Every year, we really get into the Christmas spirit! The house will be once again, filled with Santa Clauses and colorful presents. My sister and I would prepare candy bags for nieces, nephews, godsons, goddaughters, and for those "impromptu" visits by friends and family during the season. It helps to be prepared. We usually put the goodies in gift boxes that we buy from SM or Surplus. Unfortunately, this year, one box costs Php 100! That's a bit too much, especially with the wedding expenses we need to pay. And so, trying to be oh-so-creative, I found some cute Christmas socks (Php 6.00@) and some clay xmas ornaments (Php 13.00@). With the use of a glue gun....ta-da!!! we'll have some cute goodie bags this year.....And the packaging only costs Php 20! For the older ones, we'll just buy some banig boxes in Quiapo and glue the cute ornaments. Here's a picture of the materials. I'll post some finished products soon.

Christmas is soooo near. It seems like only yesterday when I celebrated my first Christmas with Sweetcorn. Time flies so fast....and this will be my LAST Christmas as a Single girl! Huhuhu....

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