wedding update

The excitement is building up.....hahahaha....Yeah, right! I can't wait to experience "getting cold feet" (Joke!)

Tomorrow night, I will be able to take pictures of the little girl gowns! To be honest, I'm more excited about how the kids will look like more than how I will look like on the Big Day. They're just oh-so-cute!!!! I can't wait to have kids of my own someday =)

Now, for the 3 flower girls...look what I found! Instead of the usual teddy bears, I bought these cute hippos - and it's the perfect color too!

And below are pictures sent by my florist. We'll follow the color motif, of course. These are just samples...

So there you go! Flowers make me happy. And thinking of my wedding makes me happy.

Goodbye, cold feet! =)

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