...now the shower part

Yesterday, I really felt that it's sooo real. I am getting married! My friends threw a surprise bridal shower for me. I thought it was just one of our usual get-togethers at Michelle's house. After dinner, we went to the living room and surprise, surprise - it's my first Bridal Shower! I received some funny and interesting gifts... Check them out:

I'm friend #4 getting married in this group. We all met during the Summer of 1997 and we all served in Youth for Christ (Central Sector). Now after ten years, the friendship and bonding is still stronger than ever. I thank God that I have good friends who truly love and care for me. We met and grew in faith together, serving the Lord. I am truly blessed.

I'm starting to feel sentimental... =)

Enough of that...where's the DVD player? I have a "documentary" to watch! Hahaha....


Mich said...

hahaha! pahiram ako after mo ha. hihihi...ercs, pa-email please ng pics ha. really glad you had fun! :) let me know lang if you already have the pics for the AVP. ;)

Mich said...

ercs, asan na yung pictures!? :)