wedding update

Today, my sister and I went to Manila to buy materials for the wedding souvenirs. Cesar and I decided to give rosary bracelets instead of the bag charms and my sister volunteered to make them. We just have to pay for the materials and probably give Ate Pam a little something for the labor. We took the Php 15.00 jeepney ride (okay, i didn't make "sabit" this time) and we finally arrived at the market. Grabe! I was so happy and excited seeing everything in that store. It was a feast! I bought some beads too and some charms and I plan to make my own accessories! Below are some pictures of the things I bought. I found a nice silver box where I can put the rosary bracelets. Very classy, I must say.

After spending two hours in the market, we took the jeepney ride home and now, here I am excited about doing the souvenirs. This will definitely turn out to be a labor of love, for our family and friends who will celebrate our special day with us.

This is it!

P.S. Oh, I bought mangoes too! Small reward for being able to cut down our expenses on the souvenirs... =)


karla said...

waaahhh... i really want to go to ur wedding... shucks!

tet said...

are you going to anami's bridal shower this weekend? sabay tayo.

Heeeey!!! Miss u na.

Mich said...

uy, ok to ah! hindi na pala charm! nice!

haaay, stressed out ako lalo ngayon. wla akong yaya. kaya super hands-on kme ni Marlon...