highly recommended

Okay, I did say LDRs can be expensive, right? So, thank you so much dear God for VOIP (voice over internet protocol) and thank you for VONAGE and its wifi phone!!!! No more guarding of minutes...Cesar and I can talk for free!!! Well, not really free because there's a subscription fee. But in any case...it's a whole lot less than what we have been paying for the past 6 months. A WHOLE LOT LESS. Oh, I love vonage! Just gotta post about it! I can talk to Cesar in the office, at home, and in wifi hotspots (as long as no pass key is required). I just love it!

* LDR - Long Distance Relationship


g.knotee said...

Ito lang...an LDR isn't for EVERYONE.haha...bitter ba? ;P hindi na noh..that's so old news!

erica said...

hehehe..i know! but you are by far, in a MUCH better place now! :) im so proud of you gen! =)

tet said...

hey! missed you at the chapter assembly yesterday.

may household sa condo ko on tuesday. punta ka ha!