part II: virtual cocktail party....5 things about Cesar!

Now, here are 5 things about Cesar that I'm sharing with you...

1) he thinks siopao is cat meat

For those who don't know, siopao is a meat-filled steamed bun which is quite popular in the Philippines. As kids, we were told that siopao is cat meat. And to this day, my fiancee still believes that myth. You want him to throw up? Give him siopao!

2) sad movies make him cryDon't you just find that adorable? My sweet Cesar cries! Make him watch his all time favorite movie - Rocky - and tears will start me an excuse to hug him! Namit!

3) he likes adding up numbers more than making buildings

Engineer Cesar is into investments and business ventures. He enjoys reading Bloomberg. He studies the stock market. He finds that more exciting than being responsible for buildings NOT falling down. You wouldn't think he's an engineer unless you ask him! He doesn't like talking about his profession. Personally, I would say that he's just not boastful of his achievements. I'll just do the boasting because I'm so proud of him!

4) he looks macho, but really he's like a little kid

People sometimes think Cesar's all macho but really, he's such a sweet man. There's quiet strength in him that I depend on. He may look serious and domineering, but when he smiles, my gosh, he looks so angelic and so loving and so nice and so kind and so.......oops! getting carried away here! =) But of course, my Cesar can be macho too! His idol is Rocky Balboa after all.

5) he loves seafood

In a restaurant that boasts of good steaks, everyone orders the house specialty. When the waiter asked Cesar what he would be having, Cesar replied, "I'll have the fish". Hello??? Steak resto baby! This just shows how unpredictable he can be. Or maybe he thinks steak is cat meat too?

So there it is. I had a hard time writing this post because I have so many things I want to say about Cesar. I'll just save it for next time! He might scold me for revealing too much. Hehe.

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