virtual cocktail party....5 things about me!

Having been tagged by Bongga Mom, here are five things about me that not too many people know about. Read on!

1) i'm scared of electricity
All outlets should have on-off switches! Electricity is really dangerous i swear. Oh life, it's such a hassle when i need to charge my phone or laptop. Once, Cesar held my hand and made (read: FORCED) me plug a phone charger, and the outlet sparked! I almost cried =(. The solution? My extension cords have switches!

2) i love pictures & scrapbooks

Documenting memories is one of my favorite hobbies! And aside from just pasting pictures on an album, I like adding background props to tell the whole story. I put in movie tickets, phone cards, boarding passes, etc. I have a scrapbook exclusively about me and Cesar.I get so jealous when I see other scrapbooks, but Cesar claims mine are the best because they're simple and done in good taste.

3) i've made "sabit" once on a jeepney going home

For those who've never gone to Manila, a jeepney is like a big van with no doors at the back, windows at the side, and seats on each side for people to ride on. It's a popular mode of public transportation in my country. Anyway, one day all the jeepneys were full. So I had to be creative, as I was in a hurry to go home. Thus, I had to stand at the back with my body outside the jeepney holding on to the railing inside. The ride took an hour.

4) i've made ice to earn money
We used to have a big empty freezer. So to earn extra money, I thought, why not make ice and sell it? Hehe! So I would have a bunch of little plastic bags and everyday I'd fill them with water, freeze them, and sell them the next day. I did it everyday to make money. My little business helped pay the electric bill that kept the freezer running! I know, we should've just taken out the freezer huh? But at least I learned to tie small knots. Trust me, it can be quite challenging.

5) i dream of having a house...feet flat on the floor

All my life I've lived on the 2nd floor. It's sad because it feels like there's no space affordable enough for you on the ground. There's no grass to look at and no garden to play in. Just hardwood and windows overlooking the neighborhood. So that's one of my goals, to one day have my own house, with feet flat on the floor!

So that's it. I enjoyed posting this one. Made me acquainted with myself again!

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Bongga Mom said...

What a great post! I especially love #3 (I've done that too but not for 1 HOUR, omigosh) and #4 (what a great idea, you are a born entrepreneur). Thanks for playing and tell Cesar to join as well :)