when a woman loves a man

It's the first week of 2007 and here I am sick in bed. "Separation" sickness, that's what I like to call it. I just feel so tired.

I remember an article I once read in my college newsletter. It was a love story about two friends. The ending was really sad because the guy ended up attending the girl's wedding. Well, obviously she didn't marry him. I am thinking of that story now because the guy mentioned that the girl looks like a cute dinosaur. And I am reminded of myself because that's how I sometimes see people...looking like dinosaurs. Don't think I'm mean. It's just that I love dinosaurs and if I say you look like one of my favorite dinos, that's a compliment.

And so, here I am thinking of my DinoSar. Maintaining a relationship entails so much patience that sometimes I just want to shout and give up. I argue that I don't need the added stress in my life. I get that enough from my boss. Do you ever get the feeling that sometimes you just want to walk away...just for a while - probably to close your eyes and get real rest, to forget issues and simply be quiet, relaxed and happy. We are only human and we get tired too. Yes, I am very happy and nothing can really top that and sometimes I find myself wishing that it's always just happiness and fun. But that's really not the case, huh? Or maybe it's just a little bit harder because we are miles away from each other.

I always pray that I will be the kind of person that my partner deserves. His God's best as he is God's best for me.

When all else fails and I feel like giving up, I just think of that cute dinosaur face, pick up the phone, and hearing his voice is such sweet delight!


dinosar said...

Oh no not in springtime... summer, winter or fall!
*pum* *pum* *pum* *pum* *pum* *PUM*

No never could I leavvve youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu aaaaaaaatttt allllllll!

dinosar said...

-[song from Camelot =D ]

erica said...

to dinosar --- mwah!

Mich said...

shocks, so, umalis na pala si Cesar Dear! ba't di ka naman nagpaparamdam noh!! just got home yesterday from the hospital at ako naman ngayon... haaay. anyways, as long as you're happy! k lang yan! and, welcome to the club! ;)