It's January 7 and though I have been sick the past couple of days, I am so proud because I have accomplished so much! Project Big Day is definitely a go!

Church - check
Reception Venue - check
Catering - check
Motif/Theme - check
Gowns - check
Photography - check

Others are the not-so-major details that I can take care of these coming months. The wedding is in December anyway so I have lots of time. My goal is to have everything set by March 2007. Oh, and another goal is to start dieting too! (Oh, help me God) =)

They say that planning a wedding (your own or a friend's) can be fun. I totally agree. It takes a lot of creativity and PR to plan a wedding especially if one is working on a tight budget. Good thing I find joy in wringing discounts from suppliers, haggling prices, getting freebies, and all those little extras that my winning smile and beautiful eyes can get me. It works. Really. =)

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g.knotee said...

i know the feeling ercs. doing that too as an events coordinator here. ;P wait, are you getting married??? i can't believe our dear iris hester will be tying the knot soon. ;)