Seven Best Things I Did In 2006

Taking my cue from Bongga Mom, here are my Top 7 best things in 2006:

1) I bought a Condo Unit! - Okay, it's nothing really great and the location's not really the best but I don't care. It's something I can call my own. Just a small space that I will soon call home. Welcome to the adult world for me. Monthly amortizations and all that.... hehehe

2) I went diving! - Took intro diving in Boracay and well, I loved it. Maybe this year I'll take lessons....hmmmm....

3) Ain't no mountain high enough - I climbed Mt. Pinatubo, Mt. Maculot, and that Sto. Tomas Mountain in Baguio. Good workout!

4) Domestic Stops - Punta Fuego, Marawi, Camiguin, Cebu, Davao, Lanao del Sur, Dumaguete, Baguio, Subic, Clark, Anilao, Boracay. Destinations that I can check on my list of "Places to Go" in the Philippines. Fun trips mainly because of cheap fares offered by Cebu Pacific. Plus, I get to travel with my friends!

5) Bangkok Trip with Friends - my very first international trip with good friends! A check mark on my "1,000 Places to See Before I Die".

6) White Party - Celebrated my birthday with a whopping 120 attendees! 2006's theme was "Come in White". This year, I have no idea. I'm thinking of not having one since there will be a BIG party before the year ends.... =)

7) Enchanted Kingdom Adventure - Cesar sweet talked me into riding the Space Shuttle (my very first rollercoaster ride). I didn't like him very much at that time. And I threw up twice.

So that's it! Here's looking forward to a great 2007! More trips, more investments, more parties!


Bongga Mom said...

Damn girl, I'm so envious of all your accomplishments! I love to travel and look forward to many more trips in the future. Congratulations on your 2006 achievements and Happy New Year.

tyranosarus-rex said...
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tyranosarus-rex said...

1. I got a condo also! Where's yours?

2. I got back into badminton.

3. I bought a piano. Not the real deal but good enough.

4. Went to the world cup to support a terrible team. "A-por ello... oooouuuueeehhh!"

5. Went to Bangkok. The food, sawwwaaapp!

6. Met many pinoy friends for life: some students, an insurance man, his IT wife, a lawyer, a fun mid-aged couple, several bankers, a chef, ...

7. ... and the gal who changed my life forever.