10 Things I Learned About My Pinatubo Trek

1. 4x4s are great rides! They didn't let me drive it! I wonder how it feels crossing rivers, driving over big boulders. Oh well.

2. It takes around 3 hours to go up and 2 hours to go down.

3. Natural spring water doesn't cause diarrhea. Or even wakes up the E Coli monster!

4. Wear the right kind of shoes for terrains like Pinatubo.

5. Duct tape is VERY useful.

6. Bring a walking stick. It can save your life!

7. You don't need to carry anything on the trek. Let the guys carry your stuff for you. Ha!

8. Enjoy the view!

9. Going on trips like these is best enjoyed with friends, packed sandwiches, bananas, and water.

10. Even bad experiences can yield good results - and great views! This is true for a lot of things.

Overall, it was a fun experience. Next stop - Mt. Maculot!

Coolness =)


Anonymous said...

ercs! kailan yung next trip mo? may pulag end of this month. game?

ate pam said...

astig ah . . .