go with the flow!

I had the best time tonight catching up with ex-URC officemates! I'm soooo happy to see you guys again! The date is set .... congratulations Lou and Tatts! Need nothing, appreciate everything - words of wisdom once again from Teacher Ariel. URC days seem so far behind. I so enjoy reminiscing about past gimmicks and "kalokohans" with these guys. Sometimes I wonder what it would have been liked if we all stayed...hmmm...(*wink*wink*)

Next stop was the anniv party of El Pescador in Metrowalk. Seriously, one change in career coming up! Oh well. I had a few personal "struggles" in this event. I can't believe that some people can easily fall into the trap. I hate being put in compromising situations. I think I should take Pitviper's advice. I don't know. It somehow doesn't feel right especially since I have been in the same situation. Life, oh, life!

Gotta sleep. Need strength for tomorrow's bum day. Hahaha.

Sweet dreams everyone!

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