Night Prayers

Every time we'd go to the supermarket, as we enter the parking lot, I would ask the kids to pray for parking. The prayer usually goes, "Papa Jesus, please give us parking. Please give our car and all of the cars parking." - Piso's own words though I usually think to myself, "Not ALL of the cars, just our car!".

Last night, as I was putting them to sleep, I told the girls to say their prayers. Tapa promptly complied saying, "Papa Jesus, please give us parking,"

Hahahaha. Gotta love kids!

Throwback Thoughts

My main purpose in blogging again is to be able to write about things that I want to remember. Mainly, things that my kids tell me. They say that kids grow up fast - that is so, so true. And I want to be able to look (and read) back and reminisce about the things they did, the things they said, and the way they made me feel.

Tapa at 3, September 2014 - Feeling sick, she said, "Mama, what happened to my voice? I'm croaking like a frog!"

Piso at 4, September 2014 - I was away on a business trip to China for one week. When I got back, she said, " You know, Mama, I missed you and I love you more than anyone. When you were at the airplane, I rubbed your name and then I said, I miss Mama, I love her more than anyone." Photo below of the "name".

Love, love, love. It's in my life. 


After 3 years, I'm back. I can't believe how big blogging is now. Everyone seems to be a blogger, funny how that turned out. In any case, I'm back - not to join the "bandwagon" but I truly missed keeping a journal and now that I want to record memories, I figured, I should just log in and type away.

August started a little way too off-key for me. First, hubby got sick and had to stay home for a week. Then, Tapa got sick too. Now, it's me and Piso who's sick. Since I have been away for 3 years, I forgot to mention that I now have two very cute and kulit daughters. Piso is turning 5 and Tapa just turned 3. I embrace motherhood and I love what I do, really. There are times like today though, that I feel guilty for feeling tired and drained because I'm taking care of my kids.

Tapa has been acting up lately. She's been lying down on the floor, crying her eyes out. She has never been like this. This only started when she got sick. But she's all better now and I don't know why she's still throwing these tantrums. She refuses to eat and she keeps on saying,  "I don't love you, Mama. Goodbye Mama, I will not miss you." And so I just ignore her because when I try to comfort her, she hits me! I swear, this is not my daughter. She has always been so sweet and caring but now this!?!?! (And now you see why I started writing again, haha)

It makes me wonder, is this the real Tapa? Please, dear God, let this be a phase. I'm thinking that she's still not feeling well somehow that is why she's acting this way. I couldn't help but cry last night then my eldest daughter, Piso told me, "Stop crying, Mama. Mamas don't cry".

Now that everyone's still asleep, I get to cry some more.


Just checking in. It's been over a year since I last posted. I celebrated another birthday last week!
And in a few weeks.....


Birthdays and other things....

This week I celebrated my 31st birthday. 31 years...where did time go? I feel like everything just passed me by. I had plans about my life, plans about where'd I'd be at this age. I had plans of making it big in the corporate world. But I am not in control. I thank God for giving me an accepting heart - to trust in His plans, to accept them, and to enjoy them!

This birthday is very much different because this year, I celebrated my birthday with my hubby and my daughter. It was touching to receive a card honoring your hard work as a parent. I cried when I saw my daughter's name on the card (written by Hubby, of course). It feels good to be appreciated :)

On another note, summer has finally arrived here in the Middle East. It's soooo hot outside. Last month, I could still go out and walk to the supermarket. Now, I can't even step out the door. The air is so hot and heavy and thick. I miss winter.

To top it all, we're moving apartments and I have two weeks left to pack everything! Aaaarggghhh. These are the moments when I wish I have a nanny who can look after my baby.

Sorry if my thoughts are scattered as I write this post. I have a few minutes to myself so I decided to blog for a while. The next posts would have more substance (hopefully). Just wanted to express myself so I turned to blogger. :)

Have to say goodbye for now and must attend to the task at hand - boxes and bubble wrap, here I come!

On being a Mom

My friends would always tease me that I am the perfect Mommy. Girls dream of their wedding day, I dream of becoming a Mom. I praise God that my husband and I have been blessed with our little angel. My life has changed.

I enjoy being a Mom but I have to admit that there are days that I just want to scream my head off and leave. I never realized that taking care of a baby would be a full time job. Yes, I have waited for this moment but I was imagining raising my baby in Manila where help is easy to find. Living abroad, taking care of a baby, taking care of a husband, and running the just isn't easy. But when these moments kick in, when I just want to cry, I look at our little Pi-so (that's chick for Ilonggo, she's our little chick!) and when she looks at me with her big eyes and gives me that beautiful smile, my heart melts and I whisper "I'm sorry" for thinking about giving up.

Being a mom now, I have new found respect for housewives everywhere. Working moms, stay at home moms - all mothers! It doesn't matter if you have a nanny or a housemaid to help you out. I think it's all the same. When I look at Sofia, I still get teary-eyed sometimes - to be responsible for a person's life, this little baby that depends on you so much - it is a gift from God and I am forever humbled that He has entrusted me with this precious gift.

hello 2010!

It has been ages since I last blogged. I have been so occupied with my wife and mommy duties that I completely forgot about this blog. Plus, I have been busy uploading pictures in Facebook too!

I missed blogging and writing down my thoughts. I rarely find time to sit down in front of my laptop as the little angel is awake during the day longer than when she was a newborn. She turned 4 months this month. 4 Months! Time flies. I can't believe that I have been taking care of a baby for 4 months now, and still breastfeeding! Whew!

Here's a most recent picture of my little angel. Her smile just warms my heart. =)

I will try to regularly post once again, at least to update my family and friends about what's happening in our family =)

Super late post but anyway, Happy New Year everyone! Here's to 2010! This is OUR year!

Happy Birthday, Pangski!

Today, we celebrated hubby's birthday as a family (yipee!). It has been a great year. We thank the Lord for all the blessings....most especially for our little angel.

Here's the birthday cake that Sofia and I surprised Cesar with!

Look-alike niya yan!

And here's our little angel....she's growing up so fast!

I want some cake, Mommy!