Throwback Thoughts

My main purpose in blogging again is to be able to write about things that I want to remember. Mainly, things that my kids tell me. They say that kids grow up fast - that is so, so true. And I want to be able to look (and read) back and reminisce about the things they did, the things they said, and the way they made me feel.

Tapa at 3, September 2014 - Feeling sick, she said, "Mama, what happened to my voice? I'm croaking like a frog!"

Piso at 4, September 2014 - I was away on a business trip to China for one week. When I got back, she said, " You know, Mama, I missed you and I love you more than anyone. When you were at the airplane, I rubbed your name and then I said, I miss Mama, I love her more than anyone." Photo below of the "name".

Love, love, love. It's in my life. 

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