After 3 years, I'm back. I can't believe how big blogging is now. Everyone seems to be a blogger, funny how that turned out. In any case, I'm back - not to join the "bandwagon" but I truly missed keeping a journal and now that I want to record memories, I figured, I should just log in and type away.

August started a little way too off-key for me. First, hubby got sick and had to stay home for a week. Then, Tapa got sick too. Now, it's me and Piso who's sick. Since I have been away for 3 years, I forgot to mention that I now have two very cute and kulit daughters. Piso is turning 5 and Tapa just turned 3. I embrace motherhood and I love what I do, really. There are times like today though, that I feel guilty for feeling tired and drained because I'm taking care of my kids.

Tapa has been acting up lately. She's been lying down on the floor, crying her eyes out. She has never been like this. This only started when she got sick. But she's all better now and I don't know why she's still throwing these tantrums. She refuses to eat and she keeps on saying,  "I don't love you, Mama. Goodbye Mama, I will not miss you." And so I just ignore her because when I try to comfort her, she hits me! I swear, this is not my daughter. She has always been so sweet and caring but now this!?!?! (And now you see why I started writing again, haha)

It makes me wonder, is this the real Tapa? Please, dear God, let this be a phase. I'm thinking that she's still not feeling well somehow that is why she's acting this way. I couldn't help but cry last night then my eldest daughter, Piso told me, "Stop crying, Mama. Mamas don't cry".

Now that everyone's still asleep, I get to cry some more.

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