missing bugs

The week my husband left for the UK, I felt really sick. This normally happens after Sweetcorn and I exchange tearful goodbyes (ha! think OFW goodbyes) at the airport. I jokingly call it my "missing bugs" syndrome. But the pain remained, and a week later, I developed stomach cramps. Later on, I would always throw up. After 3 nights of no sleep because of the pain, I went to see a doctor in a small clinic near my office. My suspicions were confirmed. I have UTI. And so I bought the prescribed medicines, hoping that this sickness would just go away. After 3 days of medication, I'm still crying from the pain and I decided to go to the emergency room of Medical City just so I can ask for some strong painkilllers. I just want to get a good night's rest!

Saturday, January 19, 2:oo am - My brother brought me to the ER. Tests, blood samples, medicines, etc. Apparently, I don't have UTI, contrary to what was diagnosed. They were quite alarmed because the right side of my body was painful. It could be a lot of things (i.e. apendicitis) the doctor said.

4:00 am - City Sonogram to check/validate what's wrong with me

6:00 am - The ER doctor informed me that I have acute cholecystitis a.k.a. gall bladder stones. I was to be operated on immediately

9:00 am - I was transferred to a private room

10:00 am - I was informed that I will be in surgery at 1:00pm. I was cleared for surgery by 3 doctors, I think.

11:00 pm - Two male nurses picked me up from the private room and transferred me to the Operating Room waiting area. I changed into the hospital gown they provided.

12:00 nn - Counting the minutes...

1:00 pm - My eyes are closing, the anaesthesia taking effect

5:00 pm - I wake up, it's done. I was wheeled back to my room.

And that's how my weekend was.

It all happened so fast. I have secretly dreamed of this moment, of being a part of it all - doctors, surgery, etc. - all the Grey's Anatomy episodes I've watched probably rubbing off on me. But when it finally happened, it was all a blur.

Now, I'm back at home, recovering from the operation. I tried to do some errands but I ended up feeling nauseous. So I'm just lying down, trying to catch up on a lot of reading, and checking in online too. My surgeon gave me the stone they took out as souvenir. It's awfully big. I'm just glad they managed to pull it out.

I'm glad it's over but I'm sad because my hubby wasn't there to see me through this ordeal. I really hate long distance relationships.

I'm sure no surgery can pull out the missing bugs slowly settling in on me...

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