wedding update

And finally, here it is. Wedding updates, dear friends! I had to take a sabbatical from all the wedding preparations because I had to attend to some important things at work (career change!) plus the preps were driving me nuts! Sometimes I think it's the wedding jitters (uh-oh..cold feet? hmmm...) but Cesar insists I'm just feeling pressured (ha!). Anyway, here's the list of suppliers we have booked. I'm happy we have covered the important details. As you all know, we will be holding a very small wedding with family and close friends. I'm finding out that budgeting expenses for the most important day of our lives is very tasking! Though we try to really stick to the budget we first planned, it's quite impossible to achieve! Okay I admit, I gave a really small budget, but what do I know right? This is a first for me (and the last!). =)

So here's the list...

Church - Mt. Carmel Church (New Manila)
Reception Venue - Oasis Garden (very near Mt. Carmel)
Hotel - Astoria (to be paid for by friends? hint, hint!)
Caterer - Bizu (yummy!)
Photography - John Mateos Ong (my sister's good friend)
Hair and Make Up - Madge Lejano
Bridal Gown/Entourage Gowns - Allan Uy (my very good friend)
Entertainment - The Sentimental Groove
Florist - Giordino de Manila (sponsored by my sister-in-law)
OTD Wedding Coordinator - Style Concepts and Events
Invitations - Printed Matter
Souvenirs (bag charms) - Tita Girl
Gifts for Sponsors - Grassroots, Objects
Gifts for Entourage - Tiendesitas
Wedding Cord - Handcrafted by my sister! Order from her please!

So basically, here's what we have so far. Cesar's coming home in May to help with the government requirements and to attend the seminars with me. Plus, we have to look for wedding rings. We are so blessed that we have friends and family helping us out. Even my friends abroad are offering financial help (pssst Karla, ikaw yun! hahaha..mwah!). Anyway, I'm really excited everytime I think about the wedding. I think I have to stop and just wait til Cesar's home. I'm feeling the pressure (or the jitters) again! I'm so happy that I have a very supportive Cesar helping me the best way he can considering the distance. I made him pick out some of the items like the gifts and souvenirs. Or was it more of leading him to choose the things that I like? Hahaha.

But seriously, my boyfriend has taste and I'm glad. And everytime he feels that I'm panicking already, he takes charge and i thankfully let him take over. Oh, I love how we work. I love our partnership. I am so blessed.

Cesar always say that he's lucky he found me. I disagree. I'm the lucky one.

Thank you Lord for my sweet Pangga!

This is it!


Tetski said...

Career Change?
Hmmm...we better talk.

Friend ng sis mo si Josh Ong? I-hi mo na lang ako sa kanya. Worked with him before in my past projects. Although he knows me as TJ.

Huuuuuy!!!! Usap tayo.

Anonymous said...

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