let me count the ways

Taking our cue from Bongga Mom, and enjoying a 2-day V day (Manila and London time, baby!), here's sharing with everyone some reasons why we love each other...

14 Reasons I Love Cesar

1) Because he makes me laugh
2) Because I beat him in Word Racer
3) Because he calls me up all the time
4) Because he picks up the phone when I call him up
5) Because he works hard
6) Because he plays the piano for me
7) Because he listens to Air Supply and Barry Manilow
8) Because he's honest with me always
9) Because he sings to me
10) Because he hugs me all the time
11) Because he agrees with me that "foods" is not a word
12) Because he loves his family
13) Because he cries with me
14) Because he loves me!

from Cesar....with my notes! Well, I'm the one who's blogging here... ;)

14 Reasons I Love Erica
1) Because she agrees "foods" is a word (no, no, no! food, not foods!)
2) Because she's O.C.
3) Because she reads her school books in advance (i admit it, i'm a geek...just like him!)
4) Because we get free alcohol (that's because i don't drink!)
5) Because she has the prettiest smile on earth (oh, thank you! smile, smile, smile!)
6) Because she's so sweet (he's sweeter, trust me)
7) Because she tries to understand baseball (a banana is a FRUIT! not a missed target!)
8) Because she actually thinks i'm a somebody (of course! i don't think it, I KNOW IT and I'm so proud of you pangga!)
9) Because her mom makes the best omelette and fruit salad (tried and tested. the way to a man's heart is through his stomach)
10) Because she doesn't drink (hence, the free alcohol in #4)
11) ...... or smoke
12) Because she's a simpleton like me (we're not very bright... ;))
13) Because she cracks me up
14) Because she knows how to share, share, and share...not just with me

Oh, we could go on and on but we have to stop at 14. We love each other and we're so happy we found each other.

We are truly blessed.

P.S. Cesar insists I add this one...

15) Because she has a couple of Barry Manilow songs (i just like the lyrics! not the singer!)

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Great lists!