just one of them days.....

Today, I decided to feel good about myself! I have been so pressured with work issues the past weeks and I have had enough. I carefully picked out what I wore today, put on make up, then I was off to my day's adventures. I went to Market!Market! and had some pictures printed. To date, I have had 412 pictures printed, bought 3 albums, and spent around 3,000 pesos. I guess I have to stop my picture-crazy phase now. But I'm happy. And one album is on its way to London....a little gift for my sweet Cesar. Then, I went to Serendra to meet up with my OTD wedding coordinator and I had a good snack. Check out Cupcakes by Sonja. They're absolutely heavenly!

After a couple of hours, I met up with Nor and Tong and we rushed to Quezon City. I'm posting some "under construction" photos of Ziya. Watch out for our soft opening....hopefully by tomorrow!

And now, I just got home blogging about today. I feel happy and I feel no pressure. And I'm waiting for Cesar to come home but I think I'll sleep for a while. I have to be ready for later's activities. I was once again invited to give a talk on "Braveheart" this Sunday to Batch 28 of Yuppie Days with the Lord. Oh, I hope I'll be able to share something of substance to this group.

So bye for now. Wedding updates on my next post! Goodnight friends! Mwah!

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