engg-ots =)

= a way of describing a force acting at a distance. Okay, I didn't get that one. What the heck. A moment is a moment. I like happy moments with my engineer =)

bounce = apparently, they can be found in floors. no bounce means comfortable walks. okay, i got that.

kip = 1,000 pounds.

reaction = amount of weight contributed to a particular location. Rmax means maximum reaction. Now Rmin....is this even an engineering term?

(my fave!) = support or additional assistance. but in engineering technical jargon, i think it refers to those steel rods that you see on rooftops of unfinished buildings. something like that...or maybe inside posts and columns? sheesh. i don't remember!

basically, structural engineers make sure that the buildings perform well. something like that. and they make sure they don't fall down.

oh, i have a lot to learn. big time.

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