comfort food and some

I was feeling sad yesterday because I found out I have to leave for Cebu on Wednesday. My Australian Principal will be arriving on that day and he wants to visit the provinces. I had my Wednesday all planned and now I'm left with zero days to take care of my legal duties. I have been busy the past weeks and I didn't have the time to take care of everything. Now, I'm losing time and Cesar's arriving on Friday. Why, oh why?

And so the day went by. It was all a blur. I rushed to TGIF's Galleria to discuss our company support for their grand opening this week. Here's a picture of sad little me, my derma-burned-peeling face stuck inside one BIG martini glass (18 oz!) But blessings do come from up above and we were given their infamous MudPie! Wow-wowee! Nothing like chocolate to cheer you up!

And so after the meeting, I went home feeling high-strung and happy and I totally forgot all my worries. Then came the text message that I was waiting for. More requirements, more days needed. And I was sad all over again. Good thing it was lunch break for Cesar and hearing his voice comforted me.

And then I prayed. I prayed hard. Then went to bed.

This morning, during our Mancom meeting, I went inside the conference room to fill out my leave form. Lo and behold! God never fails! One of my Titas in the office sat beside me. Hi, hellos, what's up with you exchanges. Then I told her. Then she called her husband (who happens to love me too) and yes! No more worries, no more delays. He will take care of everything. All the legal matters that must be addressed. Oh, I am soooo happy. I can feel God's love for me! Once again, He provided!

So, it's a happy day! God's blessings pouring in.

No need for chocolate. =)

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