holy, holy

this is turning out to be a really frustrating week. i can't wait to see the waters of punta fuego! coming from sunday's joint service, i was on a spiritual high - feeling sooo happy and perky all day. it's amazing how you really, really feel His presence amongst thousands of believers. and funny thing, i still can't comprehend that my friends - my long time friends - are now pastors! i feel a bit overwhelmed. does that mean i have to address them as pastor too? thinking about it, it is a bit weird.....(gen, guess mo kung sino ang pastor na..ay, grabe! di ko matanggap ata. i'm happy kaya lang....haaay - hint: UP Fair dates natin year 2000(?) tama ba yung year? basta yung pareho ng names!). it was really fun though. hanging out with new friends and simply basking in His love and presence. i soooo love victory! i'm glad i decided to be active in vcf again. though it's different this time. youth on fire days long gone. can't believe i've been with them for 9 years already!

unfortunately, some good things never last (or make that good feelings!). i got into a car accident last night...huhuhu :( i won't go into details anymore because i feel really, really bad about what happened. aaaargggh.

anyways, i gotta go and have my head checked. hahahaha. maybe that little jolt can finally clear up my mind about a lot of things!

by the way, it was all a big hoax. jack johnson never came to town. i was there last saturday in shang with john2. turns out it was just a "listening gig". oh well. i'll have my chance.

have a meaningful holy week everyone. i'll be down south so just text if you guys are nearby.

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g.knotee said...

ayyyy...naku, ingat ka sa mga lalake ganyan ang pangalan!hope you're ok ercs. let's chill in anilao soon. miss you!parang colorful buhay mo ngayon ah, magkwento ka naman!