re-posted (January 30, 2006)

---i know there's something in this post that I should remember.... ---

This weekend was really fun for me. I spent Saturday morning doing a good friend a favor. It was Des' mom's birthday and she wanted to surprise her mom with every Filipino's favorite "handa" - Max's and Red Ribbon's Chocolate Mousse! Buns and I had to deliver the food because Des is currently located in Dubai..thousands of miles away from home. I felt sentimental when we arrived at her place. I know that she wants so much to be a part of her mom's birthday celebration. Being away from the people you love must really suck. Oh well.

I had a few revelations too during this weekend. I can't believe that some people don't really put a premium on good relationships and friendships. But, as Pastor Ferdie said earlier, just cast all your cares upon the Lord, and everything will be alright.

I have a loooong weekend ahead of me, preparing for the 3 day training that Philip and I will conduct. I pray for strength and for peace of mind this week. I don't want to end up panicking all week and not accomplishing much.

I have to get some rest now. Though I'm still finishing up the Patron Marketing Plan.

Thank you, Father for another great day! Can't wait to serve in the Kids' Ministry!

Judith is such a blessing.

Good night!

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