in the mood

alright, so surprise, surprise -- so many posts (and one repost) in one day, huh? i have been feeling "out of it" the past hours so here i am blogging the day away. i never realized that i have been out of the loop for so long...don't know what's happening to the world anymore, to my friends. gosh, i don't even know what's happening to AI!

i received a rather sad text message from a very good friend this morning. maybe that sms triggered what mood i should be in for the rest of the day. i can't help but think about God's plan for all of us. they say that if we can't see God's hand, trust His heart. no complaints in that department.

Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails....

painful and happy moments in my life - i never questioned Him. sometimes, i wonder how any person can live not believing in God. i feel comforted knowing that there's someone up there watching over me. i guess, different strokes for different folks.

laugh more, love more, and don't be afraid - quotable quotes from Last Holiday. i suddenly remember all my scrapbooks. documented events. except for one that i gave to a good friend (psst..can i have it back? andun yung 5 cards from you! haha). i should really start another for 2006 events and travels. i miss real photographs. digital cameras are cheaper but i always forget to have the pictures printed out. and so, i have set aside scrapbooking for sometime now. oh well.

this post is turning out to be a jumble of thoughts that i just want to shout out. relief, relief.

my bestfriend called me a while ago...(hahaha. lagot ka! grabe na talaga!) yup, it's a feeling you gotta fight! grabe, ako nga eh, excited. sana may mangyari. hahaha. check mo yung sinabi ko sayo ha! hay naku, miss na kita.

i don't know how to really end this post. i guess, i'll just say bye!

that's it =)


karla said...

hahaha.. ercs patawa ka talaga. i miss you din. and ofcourse, magpigil! hehehe hope to talk to you soon. ingat and enjoy :)

erica said...


super kwento. naku. grabe talaga. haay. miss you na bru. as in!