life, oh, life!

When I try so hard to tell you
And I search for what my heart
Would really say
Words only get in the way

And you ask me if I need you
When you know damn well I do

You don't have to worry

I'll be forever for you

If we only took the time

Just to say whats on our mind

Well be closer than ever

Grow old together as one

Eternally - so say you'll be forever for me

Yeah, yeah. I'm feeling mushy tonight. Can't get over the feeling. Aaarrggh. Thank God I have school tomorrow. Keeps my mind off things. Thank you, Golls, for the lyrics of these songs.

New snow, fallin', softly, round me

Second chance to make things alright

Like a new love, calling, new snow is falling

Just outside my window tonight

Just outside my window...

Enough of this. I have work to do. I really pray I get to go to this week's climb. Seems like everybody's concerned (too concerned, I must say) about me - coming from the hospital and all. Again, I cannot stress it enough -- people, I am okay!

Well, alright. Except for the mushiness. That I have to recover from.

Oh well. Let's wait and see.

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