This picture shows Clarissa and I with our loving YDWTL Sponsors (Jay, Feng, and Allen). I can not thank them enough for making me go through this three day experience. Iris has a hand in it too! She is such a precious friend.

I'm still feeling a bit overwhelmed so I don't think I can get into the details of what happened over the weekend. I'm just glad that I have a number now attached to my name -- YDWTL@24.


From this moment on, it's me and you
The road of life ahead, we'll journey through
And though it may be windin' , we'll go right on remindin'
That we both have each other

Cherish every moment, darling, hold me fast
Live each day as though it were the last
The only time and place that we are certain of
My love, is here and now...

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