who am i?

Looking back at all the things that happened in my life for the past 26 years, I can’t help but smile. I have a pretty good, decent life. Graduating from a good highschool, the best University (no objections, please) – education that I feel blessed to have experienced. I have my family who sometimes frustrates me but I know that when all else fails, they’re the ones I would turn to. I have good friends who have always been there for me, cheering me on when triumphs come and holding my hand, being shoulders to cry on when failures come. I have my share of relationships too. I’m a keeper – a true and loyal partner. I stick it out with my guy and I show him love the way I know best. To help bring out the best in this person, to plan and build a life together -- I have experienced love in the craziest, most passionate and sweetest way you can imagine. These people and experiences have enriched my life and have contributed, in many ways, to my growth and maturity as a person. I have faith in God and I believe in His power. I have no complaints.

I like keeping to myself and I don’t take interest in other people’s businesses unless it involves me. I don’t really like people knowing my thoughts and the things I do, yet I am maintaining this blog that makes me a little bit vulnerable to the world. I am a contradiction of sorts in that sense. I like to write and scribble down ideas, thoughts, songs -- and I want to share so much to everyone. I don’t like politics but I like leadership. I like talking to strangers because I always learn something new and weird from them. I like going out with my friends but I don’t really enjoy partying all the time. I’m a homebody. I enjoy a good movie once in a while but if it’s out on DVD, I’d rather be home watching it. I’m a sucker for good music and good movies. I particularly like action and comedy flicks. I enjoy watching cartoons too! I love listening to old school music. My tastes vary but I would always patronize our local songs. In my opinion, the sweetest language in the world is Filipino. Dinosaurs interest me which to this day I can’t explain why. I like basketball, badminton, swimming, and boxing. I’m a frustrated pianist and guitarist ( I try, I really do!). My favorite color is yellow. I appreciate plants and flowers but I don't have a green thumb. I can't even grow mongo seeds! I don’t particularly enjoy shopping. I tire easily from too much walking inside malls but I enjoy taking long walks as long as nature surrounds me. I like long conversations with a good friend. I don’t like texting much. It’s so tasking to type in long text messages. I go for the personal touch – call the person! But i love mails and letters..all sorts...receiving them, reading them, and writing them! i love writing articles too!

I absolutely have no idea why I’m writing down, much less posting these thoughts. Maybe it’s because I have reached a crossroad in my life and looking back and reacquainting myself with who I am helps me in making good decisions.

I’m excited to find out what the future holds. I have claimed so many things and I can’t wait to discover if it will all be granted. I like thinking about tomorrow and reminiscing the yesterdays.

I like sleep that’s why I have to end this and go get some. I think I enjoyed writing this post.

Goodnight friends! Sweet dreams!


anlabo said...

in the 5 years ive come to know you... this is the most interesting thing i just found out now..."Dinosaurs interest you which to this day you can’t explain why".hahaha!!!hilarious i swear! but seriously... there are so many things i never knew about you that i just found out while reading this entry!galeng man!

Isa said...

thank you for 'making yourself vulnerable'... reading your blog makes me feel as if i'm actually having a conversation with you over a cup of coffee. it's comforting because i am so far away and i miss true people, true friends like you. see you in april! :)

erica said...

anlabo > there's a Ross in each one of us. i'll show you my dinosaur books when you're here

isa > shucks, miss you na. can't wait for april!

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