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And once again, I got to the office by 6am. I feel so energized. I love mornings! Good morning everyone! (hahaha)

I'm 80% done with my Patron Tequila presentation. Another hour and I'm finished. Maybe I should take the day off - pass by Mt. Carmel and have a little chat with Papa. It's been a while since I visited his urn. Yesterday was his 5th year death anniversary. And in memory of him, I am reposting an entry that I submitted 5 years ago to peyups.

I went to Pampanga earlier today, for work, as usual. On my way home, ang dami ko talagang naisip... nagmuni-muni ako, in short...

It's funny how life makes its twists and turns. One minute you are very content with things happening in your life and then the next minute... WHAM! You just don't see sad things coming. It just hits you right in the face... swak kung baga.

I have never really lost anyone important. A distant lolo or lola perhaps, but definitely not someone whom I have shared significant moments with; not someone who has been a really big part of my life; not someone who holds a special place in my heart.

It's sad that people must die and leave behind those who love them. But then again, it's sad that living people go on with their lives as if they are dead. Do you get my drift?

This is turning out to be a really long e-mail. Gotta rush this cause I only have a couple of minutes left...

I lost someone special today. I lost the person whom I share my birthday with. Imagine, parehong June 11 ang birthday namin.

I lost my dad today. He finally succumbed to his illnesses -- diabetes, kidney failure, heart failure, etc.

I miss him already. You guys know my life story...

Please pray for me. My sister, my bros, and I will be going to the wake tomorrow. Sana, tanggapin naman kami ng maayos ng wife niya. Mahirap talaga ang buhay pag hindi ka part ng "original" family. I'm scared... but i'm DETERMINED to go there... daddy ko yun ha!

I lost someone special today... but in a sense, I am happy because I know that he is safe in God's loving arms.

I am yet to accomplish so many things in my life. And all those things, I guess, I would dedicate to my dad, one of the greatest doctors in the world... and the greatest father in the world.

Naiiyak ako...

(This was an e-mail that the author sent to her friends last August 16, 2000, the day her father died. )

I think I will take the day off.

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