new year, new adventures

Hello, world! I have been hibernating the past months. Been so busy fixing up the world and battling government issues....ha!

Seriously, I have had limited internet connection the past months. Plus, I have been taking care of so many things in Manila (banking, sss, insurances, etc.) and before I knew it, it's time to fly to the Middle East. But I will be back in a month's time, so my dear friends (especially you Tet), we have to meet up!

2009 marks the year of Peppercorn! We have a whole new country to explore, new adventures to experience, new friends to make, and more importantly, a really cool apartment to live in!

I am now here in the Kingdom with my Sweetcorn and one word to describe this place: FREEZING. I have to wear layers and layers of clothing to keep warm. I have to enjoy this cold weather though because summer's coming and once it gets hot, it's really, really hot.

We have been staying mostly indoors since I got here, fixing up the place and unpacking the boxes that came from London. And just like before, I leave you with some BEFORE photos:

The AFTER pictures are posted here. Check them out!


megat said...

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Bonggamom said...

I never knew it could get so cold in Bahrain! I'm glad you're settling in and glad you've got a lot more living space this time around :)