day 1

I have to start packing. Seriously. I only have 20 days to sort and pack everything. One big shipment to Manila. And another big shipment to a another country - our soon to be home for the next 3 years ;). I don't even have boxes and bubble wraps! And to top it all, I got sick. I'm still not used to cold weather.

I am in panic mode. I decided to start my "sorting" today but I was so not in the mood. Instead, I ended up spending the whole day cooking!

There's the slow cooker beef brisket....

Sweetcorn's favorite : Baked Beef and Potato Casserole

I took a break after these 2 dishes but I still didn't feel like going through our things and listing down which goes where. And so I ended up cooking 2 more dishes! Whew!

And so, I made seafood bihon....

and finally, some Butternut Squash in Coconut Milk (fondly called Ginataang Kalabasa)

So there. I seriously have to start packing. We have enough food to last us the whole week!


Anami said...

Ercs! I'm so impressed hahaha, I tried making beef stew it was so hard ( like stone hahaha). Where are you staying for the next 3 years? update :)

Mich said...

ercs!!! may bagong update ah! san na kayo in the next 3 years? how exciting! can't wait to see you! it just means lapit na din akong manganak, waaaah!