post analysis

I attended a wedding yesterday, the first after my own. I was a bit hesitant, attending the church ceremony only because I was pretty sure that I won't be able to control my emotions. Ta-da! As soon as Alex walked in, tears started. I cried when Alex and Mike exchanged vows, I cried when they exchanged rings, heck, I even cried during the offertory (touched by the songs, fyi).

As I knelt down to pray, I couldn't help but cry (again!). But this time, they were tears of sadness...and perhaps tears of frustration. I called out to our Lord - I need to be with my husband. More than ever, I felt so alone. Two people joined together as one - nothing could be more beautiful than that. But here I am in Manila and my husband is in London. Though I'm surrounded by friends and family here, I long to be with him.

I couldn't help but re-live the emotions and feelings I felt during my not-so-long-ago wedding...I realized I didn't cry. I guess I was too happy to cry, not even to cry tears of joy.

How I wish I'd feel that way again...


Mich said...

Hi Ercs, i-shopping na lang natin yan!! kelan ba tayo magtutuban and Dapitan? :)

disa said...
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