cooking 101

The past month was spent taking cooking lessons from my MIL. I enjoyed visiting my in laws in San Juan. Cooking lessons --- a lot of my hubby's favorites, a few "must-know" recipes --- and much time spent talking about the future, my Sweetcorn, and life in the UK.

Here's sharing with everyone my first attempt at making a banana cake. Our oven broke down and I had to use an oven toaster -- hence, the small round cake. I had to use the small round pyrex bakeware. It was the only thing that could fit the small oven. I had to bake 6 cakes when it could've been just one big pan of banana cake.

In any case, I must say that it went pretty well. So watch out London! When you say pot luck, we'll bring the dessert! =)

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Bonggamom said...

Congratulations, that banana cake looks good! When are you leaving for London?