LOs and Life

And because I'm depressed, I started scrapping again. Darn it. It's almost 1am and I have a really early meeting tomorrow but I don't care. I finished 6 layouts today. Now I feel so much better!

My 3-week recovery period is over and I realized that I didn't blog as much, nor scrapped. Now here I am staying up late doing all these things. Oh well. 3 weeks is such a short time anyway. I spent most of that time reflecting about life, about the future, and taking inventory of all the things I have stored over the years. I was shocked to discover that I have accumulated so much stuff (read: trash). I'm thinking of selling some of my things but it's so hard to let go sometimes. Maybe I'll give it until the end of this year. I realized too that I have over 20 books that I haven't read yet. Tsk, tsk. Plus, I have some missing CDs and DVDs. But that's okay. I have some that I'm pretty sure I didn't buy. So that writes off the missing discs. =)

It's a good thing I opened all my boxes and checked out my things. I'm moving soon and I was able to set aside the things I'll bring along. Or maybe I'll just leave everything behind. Let's see. But one good thing about my clean up - I found a lot of pictures, letters, souvenirs! I felt sentimental going through some old letters, looking at photos and old scrapbooks. God is good. I've had a good life. And I know that I'll have a happy life with my hubby too. I feel so blessed. =)

Oh, and I also found my lists! A list of things I want to accomplish before my 30th birthday which is coming real soon (my goodness!). A list of the places I'm hoping to visit. My recipe notebook. And some other lists about dreams, hopes, and wishes. I'll share them with you some other time.

For now, I have to sign off. I really need to get some sleep. So good night, dear friends. Sweet dreams!

* Good news * Ramiele made it to AI!!!! Yey!!!! I'm not so depressed anymore.... =)

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Mich said...

grabe, buhay pa YFC ID mo!! hehehe! posted our photos na:


168 or Dapitan soon!!! :)