the countdown begins!

I have been quite busy with a lot of wedding preparations. Now, I'm finding out that preparing for a wedding for a whole year can be quite nerve-racking. And people would probably think otherwise. Sometimes I wish we just eloped, hence, not too much pressure on the Big Day. In any case, I had fun taking care of things, the excitement and build up, and I can't wait to see everything happen right before my eyes. Though I have to admit that I see my wedding day now more as an event (much like the events I do for the company I worked for in the past). I know, I know, I shouldn't think that way but really, I can't help but feel that I'm the Project Manager of the Picazo-Sulit Big Day. Maybe I should get a headset? Hmmm.... =) But don't get me wrong. I am still excited. Though the bride in me is still contained somewhere deep inside. I'm more excited about the fact that in less than two months, I will become a wife to the man of my dreams. Uh-oh.... (Monica style, please) I'm going to live with a boy!
Here's sharing with everyone what I have been up to lately....

The personalized guestbook:

Each table will be given a guestbook page. Each guestbook page was specially designed by me. Basically, they're the same pages that will be shown in the AVP. I just re-arranged the designs to give space for people to write their messages. The close up page shown above is one of my favorites!

The invitations with some do-it-yourself labels:

The invitations are here (kisses to my bestfriend for shouldering the cost). I love my sticker maker!!!!! Makes life so much easier! And everything looks professionally done. You should get one =) I'm actually excited to show this cute little gadget to Sweetcorn's nieces and nephews. I'm sure we'll have a great time making stickers together.

The gifts for the entourage:

Credit goes to my sister for the very creative gift wrap. She made the beaded tag holder herself. Everything looks so classy! =)

So there, check in once in a while for more updates. Maybe next week, I can show you the gowns!

Gotta sleep! Goodnight world!

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