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I’ve had many friends laugh at me and say that I’m comedy, paranoid, uninformed, or whatever. All because I’m promoting this “nobody” named Ron Paul.

Now I know most of you get your information from CNN or Fox so I can’t blame you. They said he’s a nuisance candidate. They don’t even show him. In fact you’d be surprised if I told you that after every Republican debate [held by Fox or CNN or NBC, etc.], he’s won the post-debate poll! Oh you don’t believe me? Just type into Google “Ron Paul wins poll after debate”.

But not surprisingly, the mainstream news would talk about the results for like 20 seconds, and then go on about Hillary or Giuliani or Obama and how wonderful they are, and they’re the great hope of the nation. And most of you believe it. Yes, they put some hotshot newscaster in a fancy suit to say anything and most of you’d probably believe it. If tomorrow they said Iran had WMD’s, I bet most of you’d probably believe it.

Now I’m really sorry if I have to hit Hillary fans, but I just hate her. She is soooooo slick at making herself look like the good leader.

Here’s one example. On TV she keeps criticizing Bush about the Iraq war. Looks good ey? But then you go look at her voting record, and my God… she voted for invading Iraq, she’s consistently voted against the complete withdrawal, she is for the war! And it gets worse when you read her quotes about Iran. So there’s a hint… you make her president and she’ll take you straight into Iran.

Speaking of voting records, they’re usually a good indicator of a congressman’s/ senator’s true colors. And have you seen Hillary’s voting record?? Disgusting! It’s so aligned with Bush’s policies; you’d conclude that they’re allies. There are some issues where she differs though… like abortion. There was a proposed law that would make it a crime if someone attacked a pregnant woman and killed her fetus. She voted against that law. There’s the true Hillary for you.

Believe me there’s so much more… like you’ll find written books actually quoting her using the “F” word on her staff, and I don’t mean just once or twice. Yup, that’s who she really is.
And have I mentioned her cocaine-smuggling husband? There has been much sworn-testimony of people connected to Clinton incriminating him. And then a number of unnatural deaths happened to people surrounding Bill Clinton’s accusation. Do you know who Sharlene Wilson is? Look her up. And please don’t just snicker and say I’m making this up. In fact his brother Roger Clinton went to prison for drug trafficking and was recorded saying he “Gotta get some for my brother”.

Here’s something I stumbled upon…

Posted: November 18, 1999
1:00 a.m. Eastern
© 1999 WorldNetDaily.com

A New York Post survey of readers sampling nearly 20,000 people ranks
Bill Clinton second to Adolf Hitler as the most evil person of the millennium.
Hitler received 8.67 percent, or 1,664 votes, an
d Clinton received 8.47 percent, or 1,625, placing him well above mass-murdering Soviet leader Josef Stalin, who got 6.69 percent, or 1,284 votes.
What makes the president's appearance on the survey more astonishing is respondents had to write his name in, while Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Dr. Josef Mengele and others were listed on the survey. First lady Hillary Clinton came in sixth on the survey, with 3.99 percent and 765 votes -- all write-ins.

That isn’t me talking, my friends. That’s a NY Post survey. Even if it weren’t true, those 2 aren’t just there for no reason.

This is what’s so amazing about all you Hillary fans. Most of you don’t know anything about her, and you love her! Now I know ignorance is bliss, and you’d rather just live your happy life and let BBC or CNN feed you the information while watching Jack Bauer torture people on “24”. Plus you probably don’t believe me. So go ahead and vote for her. Heck, just vote for Hillary, or Giuliani, or Mitt Romney, or Obama, it doesn’t matter! You’re going to keep paying for that war, and then pay some more when they go into Iran, and then see oil triple and the dollar disappear.

Or there is an alternative. You start getting truly informed! I challenge everyone reading this to go research their candidate. And then PLEASE PLEASE research on Ron Paul. Look at who he is, look at his supporters, and look at what he stands for. Even if you just go to small sites or go see small YouTube clips about him. Search “Ron Paul” on YouTube and you’ll see what I mean. Then search “Rudy Giuliani” and see what kind of videos you get about him… just notice the big difference. And Giuliani is supposedly the leading choice of republicans? What a big fraud.

And just remember one thing – the biggest illusion is that no one knows him and no one supports him. That’s a complete lie! Look him up please =).

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