for the love of coffee

Coffeespark serves as a medium for people to air their problems, situations, or feelings. Either for sharing, advice, discussion or just to vent. It could be a family problem, a technical computer problem, a cheating boyfriend, work issues, girlfriend issues, or just maybe about life in general.

Here's a cool site that I encourage you to check out and join!


This is the work of my genius friend Jobert and Antonette, whom I am yet to meet.

I didn't use to like coffee. I'm a chocoholic and ice cream lover through and through. But when I read through some testimonials my friends wrote about me, they all mentioned that they can't wait to have coffee with me. Then I realized that many of my treasured moments and conversations with friends and family transpire over a cup of hot/cold coffee. Secrets are shared, problems discussed, and sparks of ideas come flying through. And so, I confess to being a coffee addict! I even dream of running my own coffee shop someday. =)

So take a look at the site and join our community. Share this cup of coffee with me!

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