I get a warm, good feeling everytime I remember highschool days in CSR. A week ago, I found out that a good highschool kabarkada is in town with her hubby - visiting Manila again after more than a decade! A few calls, a lot of texting and finally we were set to meet up in Bonifacio High Street.

As expected, the night was spent just laughing and updating about what's happening in each other's lives. Life abroad is so much different from living in the Philippines and I'm so happy that though people leave they feel so much happier when they're back home. This actually got me thinking about what my future would look like - leaving Manila and working abroad. I guess I'm lucky because my fiancee agrees that we'd settle down here in the Philippines.

I had so much fun last night and for the first time again this year, I went home at around 4am, feeling tired, sleepy, but oh-so-happy and thankful to God that I have good friends in my life.

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Bongga Mom said...

When I first left Manila I was already counting down the days till I could move back home -- and here I am, 13 years later and still living abroad. Don't knock it till you try it! There's nothing like living abroad to broaden your horizons, give you a true appreciation of other cultures and other lifestyles and other ideas -- and yes, help you appreciate your own culture. Rather than pine for the Philippines, I suggest taking advantage of the opportunity to live abroad and enjoying each day.