letting go is hard to do...

Today, I cleaned and fixed up my room again. Okay, I know I do it almost every other week. I just can't help it. This is how I de-stress. Haha.

I did some inventory of all the stuff I've collected over the years. It's just timing since I will soon be moving out, living on my own with my hubby! I had no idea I have acquired so much. I have this habit of buying items on sale, always thinking I can use them one day. Holding office in Duty Free Philippines for almost 3 years can do that to you. I also tend to keep items given as gifts. Reviewing my list after the cleanup, I was really, really surprised. I have a flat iron, coffee maker, crayola wooden stools (for my future kids), plenty decor items (for my future house), notebooks, bar items, etc. etc. I thought I'd be happy seeing all these things but really, I'm just overwhelmed.

And so I tried to set aside some items, put them up for sale - at least the money would go to the wedding fund. Unfortunately, everytime I try to put them in the "for sale" box, I swear I couldn't do it. I ended up just setting aside old and new clothes, and some bags that I can let go of.

I just resolved to not buy any future stuff anymore. Let's see me try! =)

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