wedding woes

Today, I received a wedding invitation from a good friend. While going over it, I got to think of my upcoming wedding and.....

...... tan-ta-ran-tan....

Panic attacks came!

Is this the right thing to do?
Is he really the one?
Why am I doing this?
Am I ready?
Oh my goodness...I'm going to live with a boy!

So, I sat down, took deep breaths, and called up my lovey. Unfortunately, he didn't pick up. Like what I always say, LDRs (long distance relationships) really really suck. He's probably busy at work, while here I am lying down on my bed on a Friday night.

I think I'll just go out tonight. Hmmm....maybe I can check out Alchemy, a ten-minute walk from my house.

And here's praying that I get rid of these attacks. I'm getting stressed out again thinking of the wedding because I'm here and he's there. I hate LDRs =(

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=) said...

Dont worry, love will see everything through. Just think nalang life is just better with the love in your life. And also, rememeber Jesus is always the key ingredient. And then I guarantee you'll be the happiest person in the world, salt pepper =).