cooking 101

This lazy Sunday, I made my first official attempt at cooking. Got to be prepared for I will be a wife soon =)

The last time I spent hours in the kitchen was in the 90's (hahaha...God, I'm old), when I'd help my mom with the cooking, or do some cooking myself. Then college came along, then work. And now, it's like I'm starting from scratch. Well here are the pictures!

I burned the hash browns and uhmm...they didn't look like hash browns. I think I put them in the fryer too soon. But the pasta was perfect! It's such a simple recipe, I know. Small steps.... =)

My siblings loved it and that's all that matters. =)


tet said...

patikim naman nyan

Mich said...

hmmmm, mukhang masarap yan ha! pahinging recipe!