wishing and hoping

I am nursing a really bad headache.

I guess this is the time of the month again when I start feeling tired. To amuse myself, I went through the blogs of my friends, checked out latest photos, and updated myself on what's been going on in these days. But I couldn't concentrate. Instead I find myself thinking, thinking, thinking. God, I'm tired.

I wish I could fly away and go to the places that I have dreamed of going to. I wish I could hide away from all the pressures that I encounter everyday. I wish I could just close my eyes, sleep for a really long time, and wake up to a life of dreams turned to realities. I wish I have someone to hold me.

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Anonymous said...

hello erica! =) yep, we just had our church wedding last jan 2007 but we were civilly wed last feb 2006! =) naku, normal lang yung nagwoworry about the outcome of the application! :) i was imagining different scenarios nga at that time but my application went through smoothly. i think hindi naman magkakaproblem yung application niyo - just make sure that you submit all the necessary documents! =) nakakainis lang mag-antay ng NSO marriage certificate kasi ang tagal sobra bago narelease yung sa amin!

i hope you feel better soon! =) it's really sad to be part of a ruined friendship/relationship but sometimes it's for the best. i remember being betrayed by a roommate and a long time college friend! =( after the betrayal, we tried to continue as if nothing happened - but the friendship was never the same. when we decided to cut off our ties with each other completely, it was only then that the healing process began - well at least for me, it did! =)