the seven deadly sins

Finally, some down time! Tagged by Bongga Mom. There's a twist because she based her list on the Seven Deadly Sins. Here's my own version. This also answers Mich's tag. Read on!

1) Lust - I like research. Anything that can help me in improving my "skills". Hahaha. =)

2) Gluttony - I like all things sweet. I'd be so full after a meal but I'd always have room for dessert.

3) Greed - I hide chocolates from my siblings just so I can enjoy it all by myself. Mainly because of number 2. Talk about double whammy. Sweetcorn witnessed this and he found it funny. accomplice!

4) Sloth - Sometimes, I'd call in sick but really, I just want to spend the day at home, cleaning my room and fixing my albums. Now, that's being productively lazy.... =)

5) Wrath - Sarcasm is the key word here. There are times I can get really mad I don’t know myself anymore. I say things that I regret later on. Sometimes, I think I have to ease up on the OC-ness. Poor Sweetcorn. Thank God, he's such a patient person.

6) Envy - I've worked hard all my life and I support my family. I sometimes find myself envying people - they can afford to spend and splurge on so many things, while I do a mental balance sheet in my head. If I didn't pay for some household expenses like tuition and utilities, I'm pretty sure I could've travelled and completed at least a quarter of my "100 places to visit before I die" list.

7) Pride - Sometimes I never back down in a discussion. I’m always right! And for some reason, I can manage to twist situations around and end up being right. But I think that's a talent that all women share.

So there you go. I completed the list. Now, I pass this on to you! I'm tagging everyone!

Sorry, I gotta go. Sweetcorn's arriving and I have so many things to take care of.


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Bongga Mom said...

Great post -- I can totally relate to #7.