I'm not here to do a review on the movie 300. Didn't even get to watch the Spapapartans. Haha. This, ladies and gentlemen, is my 300th post (yey!). And to celebrate, I would like to re-publish a post I wrote back in 2003 when I first started this blog.

100 things about me (circa April 2003)

1. I'm 23 years old and I have no idea where my life is headed.
2. Will I ever get married? Will I have kids?
3. Uh-oh, I just realized my boyfriend might read this post....
4. Hahaha! Talk about pressure! But he doesn't know about this blog
5. and besides, if I'm really honest...it's too soon to tell..
6. Our relationship just turned 3 (years) last month. No big celebration.
7. I think we're drifting apart. But for some weird reason, I don't feel so sad.
8. Okay I don't want to talk about that. Let's talk about me! This is my first ME post.
9. I love the color yellow. It's such a happy color. Warm and happy. That's me.
10. So obviously, I don't like negative vibes around me. Which is a bit hard to avoid sometimes.
11. I love my family. I love my friends.
12. I used to feel burdened everytime my friends would run to me. I have my own problems too!
13. But I realized that God has given me a gift. So now, I welcome anyone who needs me! I'd drive to wherever you are, if you need a friend. I welcome all opportunities to do good and show some lovin'.
14. I think I give good advice. And it's such a good feeling when people listen to me.
15. Good influence, I hope.
16. Let's talk about career now. I love my job. I think I'll be promoted this year.
17. And I don't want that. Really. If I move to Brand, I will be forced to go out at night.
18. We are selling lifestyles here. I work for a company that distributes wines and spirits.
19. We carry good brands. But the thing is, I don't drink. I don't smoke. I don't enjoy going out to party. Yet, I'm in this business.
20. Maybe I want to spread some good influence here too, huh? That's my life goal, actually.
21. For people to see God in me. Oh, I love my God. I am grateful and thankful. I love my God.
22. Which leads me to say that I love going to Church Services. I love praises, worships, the songs!
23. I'm active in Church. Giving talks, organizing outreach programs. But I wish I could do more. Sometimes, I don't get involved as much as I want to.
24. No time? Not really. I just like to sleep. All the late nights watching my boyfriend's band play. Then up early the next day for work. Is this the life I want?
25. Oh yes, he plays in a band. Well, he's the vocalist. Really good band. You should check them out.
26. What else, what else??? Hmmm...I know!! I love dinosaurs! Fine, it's weird. But really, they fascinate me.
27. But please don't ask me names of dinos because all I can remember is T-Rex and Long Neck - and that's from Land Before Time! Hahahaha!
28. Which reveals that I love cartoons. I have a collection of cartoon DVDs. For the future, for my kids.
29. Yes, I stock up on soooo many future stuff. I hope I can use them one day. I like thinking about the future.
30. And I like saving money. I like investments. I wish I could understand how the stock market works. I play it safe. I just buy pension plans and education plans.
31. Again, for the future. For my kids. I can't wait to be a mom! I love kids!
32. Sometimes when I think about having kids, I think I'm the type who'll quit her job and just take care of the house and the kids.
33. That could be fun. I'd finally have the chance to cook. I have been collecting recipes since highschool. I can't wait to have a family. Let's see where God will lead me in this department.
34. I just realized, 100 is a long way to go! What else can I say?
35. Oh, speaking about not working, I pray that would be possible in the future. I pay for my brothers' tuition so I don't know if I can afford not working.
36. That's funny, what I just said. They will graduate, right? So there's an end to all the tuition fees (yey!).
37. I worked when I was in college. I got paid Php 25 ($.50) per hour! I had to work so I'd have allowance.
38. My father was very sick and couldn't provide for us. My mom's a housewife.
39. My father passed away 3 years ago. I am so very proud of him. I miss him. =(
40. He was the greatest Cardiologist in the Philippines. He was head of some World Cardiology thing organization.
41. Oh, did I mention he graduated from Harvard? And on scholarship too!
42. Why didn't I become a doctor? I have no idea. I just don't like blood and medicine I guess.
43. I don't even take vitamins. Eeeewww.
44. I love driving. I love long drives. It's my quality time alone with God. I get to talk to Him.
45. I love music. I'd like to say I like alternative music (my boyfriend's band is all alternative) but really, I have to admit that I'm a sucker for love songs.
46. Oh, I loooove lyrics! Sometimes, the melody's not so nice, but if the lyrics are good, I'd appreciate the song.
47. Which opens up a whole new topic: Writing. My biggest frustration. Next to playing the piano.
48. I used to write a lot, in highschool and in UP. But well, I don't know. I need to take real training I guess.
49. My thoughts are just disorganized sometimes and I need to know how to write them all down in a proper way, with the proper flow.
50. Maybe one day, I can compile all my journal entries. Let's see.
51. Since I mentioned the piano, yes, that's my next frustration. Mental note: My kids should know how to play at least one musical instrument.
52. I played the piano when I was a kid. Now, I can read the notes but not really play them. Oh well.
53. Food! Let's talk about favorite food. Do we say foods? I find that word funny. I'll stick to saying food.
54. I love ice cream! Between chocolate and ice cream...hmmm....I have to think about that.
55. Dark chocolates are my favorite. The milk ones are okay. But dark's the best!
56. Veggies, I love them. I didn't use to like them, really. But in college, vegetables come cheap and since I don't have allowance money, that's the only thing I can afford. Which is good right?
57. Healthy living. How I wish! I think I gained 20 pounds since I started working. I have got to start working out!
58. The best workout for me is swimming, jogging, and recently, badminton! I play badminton every Sunday, I swim on weekends, and I try to jog every night.
59. I don't get to jog as often as I want because at around 7pm, I have discovered that the maids take the dogs out for a stroll. Hence, they keep on barking at me! And I'm not too fond of animals.
60. Wow, this is really long. What else can I say?
61. Oh, pictures! I love pictures. I love documenting everything that happens in my life.
62. I make scrapbooks. I have one for each phase in my life. One for elementary days, one for highschool, one for college.
63. I have to start working on my Work Scrapbook.
64. And of course I make Love Scrapbooks! Hahahaha. Mushy.
65. Yup, I'm very emotional and sentimental. I cry a lot. Even when I watch movies. Or I hear a certain song. I'm such a crybaby.
66. A friend told me once, I must not work in HR because I might end up hiring everyone, especially when I hear their sad stories! Hahaha....I agree with her, though.
67. But though I'm emotional, I can be tough too...really! I have always enjoyed being in charge. Taking the lead.
68. Though one day, I hope that someone would really take care of me. It gets tiring sometimes when you're always making decisions.
69. I want to be treated like a princess. I want to be spoiled. Oh, Lord. I hope my future husband will spoil me rotten. =)
70. I believe I am a good partner. I am faithful. I have seen brokenness in so many families (even my own) and I have prayed to God to break the curse.
71. I will have a different life. I will have a happy family life. I claim it in His name.
72. Okay, I'll write short sentences now.
73. I love coffee. Well, not really coffee the drink. More of what it represents.
74. Coffee represents good conversations with good friends.
75. My birthday is two months away. I was born June 11, just before Independence Day.
76. And that's why I'm so independent now. Duh. No connection. Haha.
77. I enjoy organizing stuff. I think I clean my room every weekend.
78. I like looking at the things I have acquired (again, future stuff).
79. I like taking inventory of what I have now. Yup, I'm weird sometimes.
80. I love clearbooks and filing and IDs.
81. I just like things to be in proper order, I guess.
82. Oh, I love flowers! Wild flowers. I never receive flowers! =(
83. I'm very simple. It's soooo easy to make me happy.
84. Okay, I admit it. I'm also a romantic. Super!
85. I believe that I'm a good daughter to my mom, and a good sister to my siblings.
86. Someday, I will save up enough money and I will buy my dream house!
87. Well, maybe my husband should pay for it? Hahaha.
88. I think I have to save money first for eye laser treatment. I hear it's quite expensive.
89. Well, that's just a wild idea. I love wearing glasses.
90. I like looking nerdy. Well, I am a nerd. =)
91. I love the smell of clean laundry. I love the rain! I want to dance in the rain!
92. I like hugging and cuddling. I love pillows. And stuffed toys. Again, I never receive stuffed toys!
93. I just want a simple life in the future with my husband and kids. Maybe 2 kids. Or 3.
94. And our own house. My dream house! With the family room, library, attic....etc. etc.
95. I know that God will grant me my heart's desires. I'm so excited!
96. Did I mention that I love to travel?
97. I dream of going around the world...to visit the places I only read about in books.
98. I'll go around the Philippines first.
99. But one thing's for sure...
100. One day soon, I'll be in Paris with the man of my dreams =)

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Bongga Mom said...

I'm so glad you re-posted your 100 things list, reading it makes me feel like I know you a little better!