shifting gears

It's funny how God reassures us sometimes. When you're feeling down, questioning situations and events in your life, you suddenly feel God's hand on your shoulder, comforting you, and you feel Him drawing you into His embrace.

This happened to me this morning, on my way to Manila. I was thinking of engagements and weddings, after having read Tet's Wedding Fair post in her blog. I started thinking of how far we are in the wedding preparations, felt excited about Sweetcorn coming home in 3 weeks to help me out. Then suddenly, I felt so depressed thinking about our current situation, being so far apart. This day actually marks our 8th month of "togetherness". And instead of being happy about it, I just felt sad, really, really sad. I thought of the wedding and life after that. Sweetcorn will head back to London, and I will be left here in Manila again. So what's the point right? I was feeling frustrated and suffocated. Talk about jitters, huh?

So I turned on the radio to distract myself. And what do I hear? A favorite song, a song that sort of played a role in my relationship with Sweetcorn....and I couldn't help but smile. God's hand working here, I thought to myself. He just reminded me that I should live by faith, trusting Him that He will grant my heart's desires. He reassured me that with a little more patience and loads of faith, Sweetcorn and I will be together soon, maybe sooner than I even hoped for.

Maybe it's through a song, maybe through a friend, or maybe through an event. Whatever the means, I feel it so strongly when God sends me His messages. And I was once again humbled, ashamed actually, that I have doubted Him.

So here's a shout out to everyone. Have faith always. Pray always. God will never forsake us. If we can't see God's hand, trust His heart.

Every time he looks my way
Heaven gets a little closer
and every time I feel that way
I wanna be with him....

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