Happy Easter!

A friend recently emailed me an Easter message discussing the origins of Easter. Of course I know what the Easter celebration is for. But it was quite a good read. He said that some believed that the word Easter came from an early German word "eostarun", meaning dawn and white. Dawn and white. Easter signals a beginning. I have been thinking about this, reflecting on my life. I am about to face a new chapter in my life. No more Premier, no more ABVs, no more Principals. Oh, will I miss this life? What makes you stay? I have found the answer!

Anyway, on to lighter stuff. I spent Easter week with my Ga. Yey! 3 months have passed already since we were last together. I was sooooo happy! We met up in HongKong. I went there with my siblings, my sister in law, and my nephew and niece. Since the kids were there, we all went to the happiest place on Earth. Yup, we went to Disneyland! I will post pictures soon. I'm in a bit of a rush because I have lots of errands to do.

See yah!

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