kodak moments

This is the time of the year once again when I just want to organize, organize, and organize! I have been going home early from work, and I always can't wait to get started fixing up my room. Heck, I even dream of containers and boxes neatly stacked up, properly labeled. Talk about OC, huh? After all the "future" items were stored, I now tasked myself into organizing all my digital photos! I bought cute photo albums, printed all the pictures that I wanted, and backed up all the files. This is my first attempt at digital scrapping, thanks to my very good friend Michelle. Check out her site for really cool scraps. I'm doing small collages as cover pages for all my albums, especially the trips. I think this will probably take me two whole weeks to finish. I haven't even started on office pictures and Cesar's pictures.

Though I appreciate the convenience of digital scrapping, I still go for the "old school" kind of scrapping. I have one scrapbook for each phase in my life...Highschool, College, Student Council, Youth for Christ, Work Scrapbook and some scrapbooks for old boyfriends long forgotten. But now, I am currently working on my Peppercorn Scrapbook. Here's what I have so far...

Well, gotta go back to scrapping....digital and manual. You just gotta love it!

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