time out!

The first two weeks of January passed me by sooo fast. To keep my mind off missing my Pangga, I have immersed myself in wedding plans and I am truly shocked to discover that I have covered almost 70% completion of Project Big Day. The venues, food, souvenirs, gowns, gifts, and even the hotel is taken cared of already! All I'm left to do is look for a band and take care of the required documents. I need Cesar for that. So come May, when he's here for a visit, we'll just fill out all the required forms, do the food tasting, and look for wedding rings. =) Being my usual OC self, even I surprised myself with this speedy progress. I remember during the meeting with my photographer, other clients were present and when I asked them when the Big Day is for them, one couple answered "In May" while another said "In March". When it was my turn to answer, I proudly said, "Oh, in December". Hehe. Talk about being excited, huh? It is my first time to marry (and definitely the last!) and it's not everyday that you get to plan your dream wedding!

And so after this week, I will be taking a "sabbatical" from all the wedding planning. My sweet Cesar asked me to take a break. Maybe he feels the pressure (?) or maybe he's getting bored (?) talking about the wedding. He should be so lucky because I always ask for his approval too. Guys! They just don't seem to care much for details huh? In any case, this is one argument that I think I won't win. I totally agree with him. Starting monday, I will turnover my Wedding Clearbook to my sister. And I will concentrate all my energy into Project Get Healthy. And planning a vacation sometime in February in a beach somewhere in Camarines Sur. =) Oh, I can't wait!

P.S. To be honest, sometimes, I am fighting the urge to just forget about everything and elope in May. I was thinking about my dream wedding, praying about it, and it dawned on me...my dream wedding is to marry Cesar. No need for parties. I just can't wait to spend my life with him. =)

P.S.S. But that won't happen, don't worry. I still want to celebrate the Big Day with our families. It's just crazy me thinking.... =)

P.S.S.S. Hmmm.... =)

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Mich said...

wow, ercs! bilib ako sayo..halos tapos mo na wedding preps!?!? :D

anyway, sige, punta tayong divi next week! kaw niyaya ko kse alam ko may titingnan ka din dun im sure. ;)