home alone

I have been sick for two days now. One would think it's nice getting the day off from work but I'm really bummed I'm at home. I feel so weak, nauseated, and I've been throwing up since yesterday! I hate it. I NEED to get well - fast. My lovey's coming home (finally) and I don't want him to see me like this. On second thought, I think it would be nice if he'd take care of me (hmmm...)

I was in Cebu last week with Nathan and maybe that's where I got this bug. Aaaargh. Anyway, I was witness to one of Cebu's many rallies against the US (i.e. Daniel Smith, Asean Summit). Nathan was really concerned and afraid. We were downtown buying dvds and he literally hid behind me...to think that he stands 6 feet tall and all 5'1" of me protecting him! Such is life.

What I enjoyed most about this trip was my private time in my hotel room. We stayed at this new hotel called Parklane and it was cozy and clean and i loved it. Here's a picture of my room and Christmas tree lobby! 14 days to go before Christmas day! 4 days to go and Cesar will be here! Yodiiiii =)

I also enjoyed eating at my favorite Italian resto in Cebu - Giuseppe! Pizza, tomato soup, spinach ravioli...yummy! And we tried out a Spanish resto too. And I had steak! I think I gained weight (lots of it) in just 3 days...uh oh. I'll never hear the end of this from CLP. He'll scold me again for eating too much. Oh well. Aaaargh.

Again, such is life.

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